FAQs - General

Are your services available for different types of pets?

We welcome all types of pets, from snakes and rabbits to rodents, fish, dogs, cats, and more. While our dedicated pet sitters are well-versed in caring for a wide range of animals, they do reserve the right to decline a pet sit if they feel uncomfortable. Rest assured, in such instances, we are committed to making every effort to find a suitable alternative pet sitter to meet your specific needs.

Can I extend a booking if I'm delayed in returning home?

Yes (in most cases), we understand that plans can change. If you need to extend your booking due to unexpected delays or decide to stay a few extra days away, simply reach out to your pet sitter. They will do their best to accommodate your request, depending on their availability. We aim to be flexible and responsive to your needs, striving to provide the assistance you require during such circumstances.

What information does the pet sitter need from me before the assignment?

Before the pet care assignment begins, a mandatory free interview will be conducted. During this meeting, the pet sitter will guide you through our agreement, collecting essential details such as contact information, emergency numbers, and specific needs for your pets and home. This ensures a seamless and personalised experience for both you and your cherished companions.

What do I do if my plans change after booking?

If your plans change after booking, please promptly contact your pet sitter to inform them of the adjustments. Your pet sitter will make every effort to accommodate these changes, or if necessary, facilitate the transfer of the assignment to another available pet sitter who can meet the updated requirements. We are committed to flexibility and strive to meet your evolving needs.

How far in advance should I book a pet sitter?

To ensure availability, especially during busy seasons like school holidays, long weekends, or special occasions, we recommend booking your pet sitter well in advance, preferably at least a month ahead. This is particularly important for stay-over pet sits, as there is limited availability for this service.

Do you provide updates during the pet care assignment?

Yes, your pet sitter will provide updates upon arrival of your home with daily messages or photos. You can discuss and customise this arrangement with your specific pet sitter to suit your preferences.