FAQs - Pet Sitters

Are your pet sitters certified and trained?

We are the only pet care company in South Africa that offers a comprehensive competency certification for our pet sitters. Each new member undergoes a rigorous three-hour Level 1 examination, ensuring their qualification and competence to assist our clients.

Can I meet my pet sitter beforehand?

Yes, meeting your pet sitter beforehand is prefered and will be arranged as part of our mandatory free interview. This provides an opportunity for you and your pet to familiarise yourselves with the pet sitter, discuss specific needs, and ensure a comfortable and tailored pet care experience.

How do the pet sitters handle key handover and access to my home?

During the mandatory free interview, the pet sitter will discuss key arrangements for a seamless handover before you leave. Popular methods include receiving the keys and/or remotes at the meeting or a day before the assignment commences. Clients may also opt for lockboxes or neighbours for key security. The pet sitters prioritise security by strictly adhering to the provided alarm and safety protocols. Clients must ensure that the pet sitter understands the lockup, arming and disarming requirements at their home.

What happens if my pet sitter can no longer do the pet sit and I'm already away?

In the case of an emergency where your pet sitter can no longer assist you (e.g., due to illness), it is their responsibility to find you a temporary replacement from our certified team of pet sitters. We encourage all our pet sitters to have at least one designated backup sitter. You will be promptly notified of the replacement sitter. A manager may also be contacted to locate a suitable pet sitter in the case of an emergency. Your pets will never be abandoned or left unattended. In a crisis, both members and management will communicate with you.

What happens if my pet sitter is unavailable?

If you have contacted your pet sitter and they are unavailable for your specific pet care dates, it is their responsibility to find you a temporary replacement from our certified team of pet sitters. The original pet sitter will still take responsibility for the assignment and oversee the replacement. An additional interview is not required unless requested by the client. If you are unable to contact your original pet sitter, you can book via the website to reach a broader base of available pet sitters.

Can I request a specific pet sitter?

Absolutely! We value the bond between our clients and their regular pet sitters. For seamless re-bookings, we encourage direct contact with your trusted sitter. While website bookings are typically for first-timers, if you're unable to reach your previous sitter, feel free to book online. You can specify your preferred sitter in the booking request, or trust our team to reallocate to an available sitter—this may be your previous sitter or someone new. We're here to ensure a smooth and personalised experience for you and your pets.